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45: Ianthe Mauro Makes Objects with Purpose


Ianthe Mauro has high standards in both and quality.  She created Objects With Purpose candles to deliver a non-toxic sophisticated and conscientious experience to others.   We discussed her approach to candle-making in great detail.

Her Philosophy

  • Share light and keep things clean and light.  Remove mental blocks by figuring out how to make things work on a practical level.

Her Advice to Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

  • Talk about your ideas to everyone you come in contact with.  Start to get feedback.  Make it real by talking about it first.
  • Come up with your word(s) – what is your bigger reason, the reason that you’re doing what you’re doing?
  • Allow yourself to take risks.  Once you figure out what you want to do and you talk about it, try things even before you’re an expert.  Take action.


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