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3: Ade Hassan takes a heroic leap to solve a big need

Ade Hassan is the owner and creator of Nubian Skin, a new line of lingerie that caters to women of color.


Her Philosophy:  Have self belief; believe in yourself and that you have what it takes to be successful.


Challenges she faced with starting her business…

  • Finding time to focus and to come up with ideas while working full time
  • Finding a manufacturer within the lingerie industry
  • Financial aspects


What’s most exciting about her business?

Getting her product into shops such that any woman from any background can get nude lingerie that fits her needs


Ade’s advice to aspiring female entrepreneurs…

Do the work to make sure your business idea is viable then focus on proper planning


Questions to consider:

  • How can I create a business that solves a huge gap in the marketplace?
  • How can I network to find the resources I need to support the launch of my product line?
  • What’s the true cost of starting my business and how can I manage cash flow?


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