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11: Nneka Alexander Reaches for the Stars

Nneka Alexander specializes in creating high-end custom garments for exclusive clientele with an appreciation for quality. Based in Atlanta, Georgia USA, Brides by NoNA is a luxury brand of bespoke bridal and formal wear serving clients globally.

Her business philosophy: 

Take risks!  It’s okay to fail.  Failure is the result of trying something.  If you don’t fail, it means you didn’t put any effort into  it.  If you’re not trying and not putting in any effort, you can never achieve success.


What does being Queen Bee mean to her?

Someone who’s influential by reason of what they’ve done, what they’re doing or what they intend to do


Her advice to aspiring female entrepreneurs:

  •  “Impossible” is not a word.  It’s just a reason not to try.  Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.
  • Put your goals and plans down on paper.
  • Work towards your goals with everything you’ve got and at some point you will achieve success if you don’t give up.


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