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14: Successfully Transition from Corporate with Seema Alexander

Seema Alexander is a business strategy coach who empowers purpose-driven women to make the transition from corporate life to entrepreneurship.  She does this by helping her clients to maximize their credibility, productivity and profitability in business.  I wanted to talk to Seema to get her thoughts on what it takes to successfully transition from a corporate environment.  Not only has she made the leap herself, but she’s also coached many women to success.

Her business philosophy: 

  • Do what you love and do it often.

Her advice to aspiring female entrepreneurs:

  • Don’t start a business just to make more money.  Focus on purpose first.
  • Have a strategic plan or blueprint in place for your business.  Consider the products/services align to your market and how you will get your message out there.
  • Invest in yourself and hire someone in a strategic capacity to help you.
  • Build a community by creating authentic relationships with other entrepreneurs.
  • Be mindful of what it will really take to create a business.



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