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19: Lisa Owusu Talks About her Jewelry Design Process

Today’s Queen Bee has found success by building key relationships to create a supportive environment.  Lisa Owusu has a background in law yet she’s created an exquisite line of jewelry.  I’m excited about this episode because Lisa goes into some detail about how she found people to help her.  During our conversation, she posed a really important question, “How do I excite people to want to help me build a brand?”  This is something to really consider.  I truly believe that having a supportive team is critical to success both in the corporate world and as a small business owner.  As entrepreneurs, sometimes we think that we have to do it all ourselves but this is simply not true.  In the corporate world, you’re typically part of a team – so, having support is mostly automatic.  For the small business owner, especially when you’re just starting out, having a team is still really important.  However, it takes resources (financial and otherwise) to create this team.  Due to the nature of small business, the answer is not as simple as just hiring someone.  We have to be both creative and courageous enough to reach out to others.  Talking to Lisa really helped me to understand how important it is to build relationships while building a business.


Her Story

Born in Brooklyn, Lisa Owusu grew up in La Côte D’Ivoire and Ghana. She studied liberal arts and then went on to study law between England and the United States.

In 2011, Lisa left her job to return to Ghana where she became obsessed with West Africa’s rich bead culture and Ghana’s gold history and culture. Falling in love with these millennia-old treasures and traditions, she returned to New York to practice law, pursue studying the fine jewelry craft and to build the brand CHARLTON & LOLA.

CHARLTON & LOLA, as a brand, weaves through all forms of jewelry techniques: playing with the history of old-world jewelry-making, different cultural techniques and new age design tools like Computer-Aided Design. Lisa believes that to appreciate and understand what you choose to wear, you also need to be aware of the process of creation.  From the point of imagining the piece to the actual work of creation, it’s all inherently a soulful exercise in creating beauty.


Her business philosophy

  • Be courageous; always have courage.


Her advice to aspiring female entrepreneurs….

  • Have a passion for (the business) because the day to day of being an entrepreneur and growing a business will always have challenging moments.



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  1. Lisa Owusu says:

    It was a real pleasure doing this interview with you Alisa. Thank you so much for your time. Lisa

    1. alisa ivory smith says:

      Thanks, Lisa! I really enjoyed our conversation! It was wonderful to talk to learn more about your journey as an entrepreneur. Best of luck with your future success!

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