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21: Francesca Kuglen Develops & Launches Products Through Collaboration

Francesca Kuglen is a serial entrepreneur who started her first company after college and sold it years later to Newell-Rubbermaid.  Francesca Kuglen has numerous patents that have been successfully licensed to large corporations.  Finding customers is a huge challenge for many small businesses.    I wanted to talk to Francesca because she has really great insight on how to create strategic brand alliances that lead to increased awareness and success of the products that she develops. 

More about Francesca…

Francesca connects with audiences, entertaining and inspiring them through her honest, funny stories of what launching companies without venture capital really takes. She appeared on QVC for 20 years, hosted her own one-hour show, and has manufactured her products in the USA and internationally.


Her Philosophy

What does it prosper a woman to gain the world and lose her soul?    -from The Bible


Her advice to aspiring female entrepreneurs

  • Move beyond fear and make a prototype out of everyday items to get started
  • To manufacture less volume, work with an American manufacturer




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