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28: Felena Hanson Empowers Women Through Productive Spaces

Felena Hanson is a long-time entrepreneur and marketing maven.  Her latest venture, Hera Hub, is a spa-inspired shared workspace and community for female entrepreneurs. This as-needed, flexible work and meeting space provides a productive environment for growing businesses.  Hera Hub members have access to a professional space to meet with clients and to connect and collaborate with like-minded business owners, thus giving them the support they need to be prosperous.

I wanted to learn more about Felena’s 2020 goal of supporting 20,000 women in the launch and growth of their businesses.

Confidence has been most critical in her journey.  It’s really important to believe in yourself.

One of Felena’s philosophies is that, “you’re only as strong as your community around you.  You’re not meant to launch a business alone.”

Her advice to aspiring female entrepreneurs

  • Think through the details (e.g., accounting, legalities, etc.) and establish a firm foundation for your business.  Consider this a step by step process.
  • Believe in yourself and find really strong collaborators .  Find that sense of community and you can’t find it, build it yourself.


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