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32: Jessie Ricci Transforms Cultural Artifacts

Today’s Queen Bee travels the world and spends countless hours in search of beautiful objects that have cultural meaning.  Jessie Ricci is a jewelry designer whose hand crafted collections are both provocative and eclectic. 

As an inventor, it can sometimes be difficult to find your own voice in launching new products.  I’m intrigued by Jessie’s creative process.  She finds her inspiration through travel and culture and translates her finds into beautiful pieces that reflect her perspective as an artist.

Her Philosophies

  • Be incredibly passionate about what you’re doing.

Her Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

  • Put your ego aside for the creative process.
  • Be relentless
  • Do your homework.  Find out everything about your competition and your market.
  • Find out what your mission is and really commit to that.  Everything should come from that mission.  Avoid getting lost and spreading yourself out too thin.
  • Even if others think your idea is ridiculous, realize that no idea is ridiculous.  Even if it seems far-fetched, look at the idea from different angles and find a way to do it.


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