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46: Anna Marie Stauss Empowers Women Through Product Development


Anna Marie Stauss supports and organizes a woman’s co-op in Calcutta, India.  Anna Marie is a true socialpreneur which means that she she designed her business to help the world, both environmentally and financially.

I wanted to talk to Anna Marie to find out more about how she was able to bring to launch her product idea based on having a positive positively impact in the lives of women in another country.  Our conversation was enlightening, inspiring and thought provoking.  The work that she and her team is doing to empower women through business goes beyond extraordinary.

Here’s a personal note to The Beehive from Anna Marie…

In gratitude I introduce myself to all of you, I’m Anna Marie Stauss, CEO of Sinko Corp. We are a very small women owned business working with a women’s Co-op that we support, and organize in the slum areas of Calcutta, India. We now work with 3 locations and 432 women but are expanding to 4 more areas and hope to provide over 630 women a dignified way to earn a living from home by January 2017.

Our products are all handcrafted out of organic cotton and jute for the home. We have a 3 prong mission: to provide flexible/low tech work for women in desperate need to earn; to provide a durable, reusable, biodegradable and organic alternatives to plastic housewares; and to reduce landfill that grows daily as we replace our household products.

Her Philosophy

  • If I don’t quit, I won’t fail.

Her Advice to Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

  •  Think it through.  When it’s hard, if it’s something you’re not in love with, you’ll walk away and then you’ll fail.  If you really believe in it, then you’ll stick with it.


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