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53: Full Service Apparel Design with Jenny Mae Miller and Kristine Carlton

Jenny Mae Miller and Kristine Carlton started their business as pioneering spirits, right out of technical design school.   During their final quarter of school, true to their pioneering spirits and out-of-the box thinking, they started their business with the purchase of four industrial sewing machines.   Through their company, Sewn Product Services, they operate as product developers and production managers servicing the apparel, soft goods, and wearable technologies industries.

Our conversation focuses on service development and highlights the idea of thinking beyond the immediate needs of your customer.  The key question is, “What adjacent services can you create that will minimize your client’s overall hassles?”

Her Advice to Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

  • Realize that no is the beginning of a conversation, not the end of a conversation.
  • Be able to listen to the quiet voice of intuition that is inside you and follow it.  The stepping stones to our best path are laid out in our intuition.  If we can be quiet and listen to that voice we’ll have a clear map on where to go.


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