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54: Katie Everds Launched a Very Smart Tillow


Katie Everds is passionate about the outdoors and created the product she always needed but could never find.   She developed and launched The Tillow, a large beach towel combined with a pillow and waterproof storage, to simplify the lives of beach and pool goers.

During our conversation, we discussed strategies for working with manufacturers.  We also talked about how to create a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Her Philosophy

If someone can do this, then why can’t I? There are people out there just like you who are wildly successful.

…always continue to build myself  up and say, “It can be done.”


Her Advice to Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

  • To find a manufacturer, ask around and try to find a contact who can help you
  • When working with manufacturers:  1) Be in constant communication; 2) Get samples prior to full production; 3) make sure the transfer of money happens through reputable and track-able sources;
  • No matter how far along you are, people will continue to doubt you; there seems to be a negative stigma to entrepreneurship
  • Start small – dream big but set your expectations well
  • If you have product idea, try to make a prototype yourself and ask people if they like it; find the feasibility in your product so it’s not a huge waste – listen and adapt
  • Do your research to see if your idea is really something that people want – tell others about the idea and get their reactions
  • How to create a successful Kickstarter campaign:
    • Do a lot of research
    • Realize that your video is very important
    • Promote your campaign –   Spend time developing a strong contact base in order to increase awareness of the campaign
    • Set a reasonable goal; it shouldn’t be too low or too high


Her Kickstarter Video



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