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55: Molly Gordon on Mindset Mastery


Molly Gordon is a Master Certified Coach known for her creativity, humor, and commitment to helping clients get off the merry-go-round of serial self-improvement and into the slipstream of infinite possibility. Her current focus is helping men and women who are working on large scale world problems ranging from climate change to hunger to terrorism, helping them to tap into the creativity, resilience, courage, and wisdom they need to keep up the good work without burnout.

During our conversation, we discussed Molly’s journey to becoming a coach. We also talked about getting into the right mindset so that we can achieve our objectives.


Her Philosophy

Out beyond right and wrong there is a field and I will meet you there.     ~Rumi


Her Advice to Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

  • Just do stuff because you are infinitely creative and resilient.  So, there are more ideas where that one came from.
  • See what happens, evaluate and then go and show up and try the next thing.
  • Remember that delight in the entrepreneurial journey is in taking action.  It’s not in trying to figure out how to get it right.



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