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Cyndi Prince is the founder of LooHoo, LLC, a Maine-based company. She created LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls, which are reusable, energy-saving alternatives to dryer sheets.  The product was designed specifically for those who are concerned about protecting both their family’s health and the environment. 

Cyndi has been awarded a SPANX by Sara Blakely “Leg Up” Promotion, was selected as the SBA Business Award and was a recipient of the Eileen Fisher Woman-Owned Business Grant.

Cyndi’s journey is really interesting.  She created her product based on a need that she discovered during a transitional time in her life. There’s a really important lesson to be learned here.  New product or service ideas can be discovered by asking two simple questions:  1) What needs arise as a result of transition in life; and 2) are there compelling and innovative ways to solve those needs through a product or service? 

Her Philosophy

Build an incredible team.  Surround yourself with amazing people.

Her Advice to Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

  • Just start.
  • Keep going for it no matter how many road blocks you hit.
  • Ask questions.  People are out there to help.  You just have to ask the right questions.  Keep asking and keep knocking on doors.
  • Focus on sales and get a lot of practice selling things.  This is crucial , especially with product based businesses.



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