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Candice N. Mackel is a graduate of Morgan State University, a full time entrepreneur, owner of Candice Nicole Public Relations (CNPR) and Creator of Women Who Hustle, which is a women’s organization that recently celebrated one year. She started CNPR 9 years ago and has worked with some of the top talent in music and film including Spike Lee, TI, Meek Mill, Big Boi, Tika Sumptner, Marsha Ambrosius + many more.  Candice is also the VP of Marketing for the Alliance of Women in Media (DC Chapter) and the Author of “The PR Puzzle”.

Starting a business takes more than desire.  There must also be a willingness to act.  It’s impressive that Candice started her PR firm right out of college and I wanted to better understand how she was able to find the courage to start a business at such a young age.

Her Philosophy

  • Always remain a student.  Always have an open mind to new things.  Never ever think that you know too much.

Her Advice to Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

  • Have thick skin.  If someone tells you “no”, you have to keep on pressing on.
  • Know that being an entrepreneur doesn’t happen over night.  It takes time to build you brand.  Never give up on yourself.
  • Always remain a student in your industry.
  • Realize that you will always have to answer to someone, whether it’s your boss or your customers/clients.
  • Condition yourself to be able to multi-task at the beginning.


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