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Emmaly Knecht is the owner and designer of eba totes. Eba totes are eco friendly bags produced in LA and feature two inside compartments and a waterproof lining. Emmaly strives to create a business that promotes a better ethical standard for fashion accessories and empowerment of women in the business world.

I believe that the best new product ideas solve a problem by using a unique and creative approach.  Oftentimes, we know that a problem exists just from our own daily lives.  However, the challenge is in figuring out how to solve the problem using your own unique voice.  Emmaly has embodied this approach in her creation of Eba Totes and I wanted to learn more about her product  development process.

Her Philosophy

  • Be honest with your customers.  Realize that people want to know who you are.  They really want to know who they’re buying from.  Emmaly’s philosophy is based on creating something that’s eco friendly and made in the U.S.

Her Advice to Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

  • Read.  There are many different tools and things that you can read to learn about business.
  • Have a plan but know how to pivot if you needed.  Be humble enough to say, “this is what my future customers would want.”
  • If you believe in something, make it happen.  Consider other ways approaches.  Read and figure out how others have done it.  Be realistic but continue to pursue your dream.
  • If you’re starting your business as a side hustle, be well organized.  Make a list if you’re feeling overwhelmed.
  • Take the time that you need to learn about the industry and how to create your product.


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